Does Dubai treat your sweet tooth?

Does Dubai treat your sweet tooth?

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Be it district one villas for sale in Dubai or numerous apartments for sale, one should always look for a place that offers solid accommodation in Dubai. That is because this wonderful city offers everything to everyone who chooses to reside here. From thrilling camel rides to exciting dune jumping and from exhilarating water parks to exquisite beaches, this city has covered it all for you.

Unlike other middle eastern cities, when it comes to Dubai’s food you would not just get kebabs, Bread and Falafel, but the food manufacturers here certainly know how to make desserts. Therefore, the fact that Dubai is home to numerous enticing bakeries is hardly surprising. For sweet-tooth individuals, Dubai is a paradise that satiates any degree of cravings so whether you like cupcakes, have a penchant for macarons or could not get enough of tiramisus, this city would always give you the ultimate foodgasm!

So, let’s explore some of the best bakeries in Dubai.

Hummingbird Bakery

Ever since its opening in 2004, this American style bakery has been making people happy in Dubai. At Hummingbird Bakery, you would get the most delicious and the finest desserts that Dubai or the entire world could offer. Especially the Party Rainbow Pinata Cake and their Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake are worth dying for!

Due to Humming Bird’s consistency in offering the most delectable desserts, it has successfully spread its outlets in multiple places in Dubai.

Bakemart Gourmet Cake Shop

When this dessert place was opened, it barely received the acclamation it deserved, however, the bakers and the owners did not give in, they continued creating art and kept following their passion. Today, every Emarti keeps singing praises of this bakery and their hard-earned success has led them to even open their outlets in Qatar and Bahrain.

In addition to consistency, this place has also stayed loyal to traditional baking methods. Therefore it is one of the rarest bakeries in Dubai that offers the consumers a jolt of nostalgia along with an explosion of tastes.

Baker & Spice

There was a time when bakeries of London were famous all over the world, therefore if you are in Dubai and feel a sudden urge to experience the original taste of London desserts, Baker & Spice in Dubai is your best bet.

Originally launched in London, in 1990, it was famous for being one of the cute little food spots that knead the dough and serve scrumptious food. Today, it boasts numerous outlets not just in Dubai but all over the world.


Bloomsbury is tailor-made for people who have a great likeness for vintage auras and boutique feels. Apart from the fascinating victorian surroundings, this bakery has a range of flavourful desserts with super cutesy cutlery.

The instant you would step into this bakery, the amazing aroma would make you forget all your diet plans as you would be compelled to buy loads of appetizing cakes from this artisan bakery.

French Bakery

Unlike most bakeries, when this one was opened in Dubai, it received an instant and overwhelming success. The reason was simple, this bakery claims to knead and bake their bread daily and it also offers a huge range of bread. Be it Olive bread, German loaves or  Fougasse break, the French Bakery does it all with perfection.

In addition to offering a variety of fresh bread, the bakers here made sure to use flour that is processed by french farmers and thanks to such attention to detail, this bakery has been able to flaunt the success it has been gaining since the get-go.

Home Bakery

Set by famous Hind Al Mulla, because she always found it exceptionally pleasing to serve her customers, Home Bakery is another homely and famous dessert spot in Dubai. This bakery has still been preserving its ideology and due to this, it has not just earned fame but respect among the entire UAE. If you want to have the most delectable brownies, impeccable cookies and muffins, this bakery is a must-try.

Le Success

This is not just a popular French bakery in Dubai, but it also flaunts the title of being the leading patisserie in the city. The bakers here make sure to use the best of best ingredients and serve their guests with immaculate desserts. If you are visiting Dubai or planning to visit it soon, you must try their macaroons, croissants and tarts, for these specialities of this bakery are certainly one of their kind.

Other than these 7 amazing bakeries, Dubai is the city that offers everything of premium quality, therefore you too should try your luck in this paradise of a city and get Villas for sale in Dubai.